How To Earn Giftcards From Coins Rewarder

Hello there, So you want to earn free Gift cards  and get free PayPal cash but don’t know how to use coinsrewarder? Lets get you started


Go to Visit Now and click on signup button


Enter your details and signup 

  1. Enter your Email address
  2. Enter your username
  3. Select your country
  4. Enter your password
  5. Verify Google Recaptcha
  6. Click on “I accept the terms and conditions” 
  7. And finally click on signup button to register your account

After clicking on signup button you will get a success message something like this.


You will get a verification email on your registered email.Now open your email account and click on verification link to verify your account

After clicking on verification link you will get a success message that your account has been successfully verified


Now go to login page Visit Now and enter your username and password which you used during registration and click on login button.


After clicking on login button you will be redirected to you can chat with other members,check which user just completed an offer and the list of last payouts send 

Now in the header bar you will see different options like “earn free points” “lottery” and “referral”

click on “Earn Free Points” and then you will many ways through which you can earn free coins.But in this tutorial we will learn how to earn through “Download Apps” option.So click on Download apps option.It will now take you to downloading apps page


Here you will find many different offerwalls like adsendmedia,offertoro,personaly,matomy,superrewards etc. just click on any offerwall of your choice and it will then show you apps to download.Download any apps to earn points and later redeem them to giftcards