After all those years of waiting, You have finally come to the right place where you can easily earn free battle points for your favorite game. Yes you got it right, Earn free battle points and diamonds for free and use them in mobile legends 

Earn Free Mobile Legends Diamonds (Gems) And Battle Points

How To Earn Free Diamonds(Gems) And Battle Points In Mobile Legends


Earn Coins At By Downloading Apps And Completing Offers


Redeem Those Coins For GiftCards And Use Those Giftcards To Buy Gems In Mobile Legends


Brag About It To Your Friends About How You Got Free Diamonds Without Spending Money

Earn Free Mobile Legends Diamonds (Gems) And Battle Points

Are you a mobile legends fan? because I am, and whenever I play mobile legends and see those paid skins that those other players have, I want to have all of them too. But the problem occurs because I don’t have money. I don’t want to spend my real money on a game. I am just a student like you and want to buy those awesome skins and max out all the abilities but this was all impossible for me until I came around a site called . I was able to get the skins for free without spending any of my real money into the game.

Lets check out how I did it and how you can do it too.

First of all I would tell you that nothing in this world is for free, even if someone is trying to help you for something, he has a motive behind it. So let’s get back to our tutorial. First of all you will need few things to earn free mobile legends gems and battle points.

1. A mobile legends account [new or old account. Both works]
2. An Android device
3. Internet connection
4. account
5. Patience
6. Common sense


So first of all I will assume that you already have mobile legends installed. If yes then skip the following step and move on to the next one. If not then read this step.

Head over to google playstore and search for “mobile legends” . Download and install the first app on that page and then open the game. Once in the game, connect your google play account or your facebook account. That’s it, now move on to the next step.


Once in the game you can easily get free 100 gems just by logging in to your facebook account through the game.With this you will have a total of 100 gems in your account.


Here comes the real method to earn free battle points and gems without spending any cash of your own. We will divide this step into sub-steps:

1. First of all go to and register a new account. It will send you a verification email to your email account.
2. Next verify your email so that your account will be activated and you can login to your newly created account.
3. Go to Earnings tab in the website and click on any app to download.
4. After downloading the app. Keep the app open for 30 or more seconds or register an account there(Depends on the app you choose and the requirements of the developer of the app. Whil downloading you can check what are the requirements). This is the verification process.
5. After this points will be added to your account.
6. If you didn’t understand then click this link here
7. When you have enough points you can redeem those points for Google Play or iTunes Giftcard.
8. You will get the giftcard redeem code in your email account and then add that code to your google account. Your balance will be credited and later you can use those points in the game.
9. Just open the game now and buy anything from store. It will deduct the cash from your google play account and you will get the battlepoints or gems for free.

This is all that friends.This is all the method that you must follow in order to get free gems and battle points BP . If you follow this tutorial then i am sure you will get your free gems easily without any hassle.So dont fall for those stupid surveys and stupid websites that just scam you and steal your time and money.Go legit and go white hat and legally .This method is 100% legal and whitehat.

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